An Incredible Leadership Style. An Amazing Background of Experiences. Tremendous Competency. eCommerce Sponsor.

"Brad Rex was the perfect choice to become Chief Customer Officer at Hilton Grand Vacations, at the time the fastest growing unit of Hilton Worldwide and with operations and customers spanning the globe. Brad demonstrates an incredible leadership style, is able to draw upon an amazing background of experiences, and has tremendous competency in a broad range of mission-critical subject matter. Among the many contributions I directly observed, he oversaw a complete restructuring of our club organization -- the critical linchpin between the company and hundreds of thousands of high-value customers -- and this accomplished the seemingly impossible goal of both improving customer satisfaction while concurrently bringing needed efficiencies and margin improvements to the front- & back-office servicing functions.

Brad was also a primary business sponsor for the redesign of our customer-facing web site functionality, driving this project forward during a period of reduced investment and competition for resources. However, this project's success, despite daunting challenges, substantially improved the online user experience and led to more rapid customer adoption of self-service commerce tools, yielding important gains for customer and shareholder alike. On a personal level, Brad Rex is among the most respected and accomplished executives I have met, and I look up to him as a professional. I learned much from merely observing how he conducted himself and how he leads, and I'm better for having had the experience and opportunity."

William J. Brown, Director, E-Commerce Strategy, Hilton Hotels Corporation