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All Ahead Flank! Prior to senior executive positions with The Walt Disney Company and Hilton Hotels, Brad Rex was an engineering officer on a U.S. Navy ballistic missile submarine, responsible for the ship's nuclear power plant. Control rods determined the amount of energy released from the plant's core. If the rods were fully inserted, the power plant produced little heat. With the rods fully raised, enough energy was released to accelerate the massive ship to maximum flank speed and maintain it indefinitely.

Most companies and individuals have massive power at their disposal. They can excel beyond measure. But, the "control rods" have to be raised, releasing them from mediocrity. Brad’s passion is to help companies and people release their potential, and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

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Explore Brad’s story and Foundation Partners Group. Brad has had 20 different roles in 12 different industries over 30 years. What can you learn from his experiences? How is he reinventing the funeral industry and what can he do for your company?

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Who is Brad Rex?

Brad Rex is President and Chief Executive Officer of Foundation Partners Group, a leading provider of end-of-life transition services to families with over $40 million in revenue and 44 locations throughout the United States. Foundation Partners was recently sold and is a portfolio company of Access Holdings. He has led FPG for the past three years and created a vision to reinvent the funeral industry using technology and multi-sensory experiences. This vision is known as ShareLife®. For more information, please visit FoundationPartners.com

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